Enginuity Competitions


challenging you to engineer creative solutions to improve society


To come up with the most innovative concept that embodies principles of engineering, such as critical thinking and creative problem solving to make the world a better place.


You will have your design (or a modified version of your design) printed. In addition to this, you will win a $300 (NZD) PB Technologies voucher.

Full terms and conditions

Our Frequently Asked Questions below might be what you’re looking for! However full terms and conditions can be found here

Engineering out of Pandemic

Come up with a concept for something that can be 3D printed to help with pandemic relief efforts. See some examples of what the 3D printing community have been working on, here.

Write up to 1000 words to explain how your concept aids relief or recovery efforts associated with a pandemic. Attach your 3D printable design. Design on whichever software you are most comfortable using. 

The entries will be separated into two categories, one for high school age participants and one for university students. These will be judged separately and a winner chosen for each category. Competition deadline is 1 July 2020 at 11:59 PM (GMT+12).
Thank you for your entries – we’ll be back again in 2021! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to identify as a woman to enter?

Nope! Everyone is invited to enter the Enginuity Competitions! We started these to raise awareness of the great opportunities available in engineering for everyone!

can i exchange the prize voucher for money?

The prize will be the voucher! We are fairly certain you will be able to find something you like.

do you need to be living in new zealand to take part?

For now, yes! Our prize is only redeemable in New Zealand, so you’ve got to be here to spend it!

Do you need to be an engineering student to take part

Nope! This competition is open to all! Engineering is not just having technical expertise, it’s the problem solving mindset that underpins complex decision making. Most people could be successful engineers!

What 3d printing software should i use?

 Totally up to you! If you’ve never looked into it before, some software we recommend: Tinkercad, Freecad or whichever 3D printing software to which your university or high school has a licence.

How else can i connect with women in engineering?

Of course! Outside of following us on Instagram, if you’re a High School Student, you can sign up to our Buddy Programme or access tutoring from current engineering students here!

More questions? Get in touch!

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