WEN Presents are a series of collaborative, engaging and inspiring conversations which run throughout the year. The events are intended to help provide an inclusive and inspiring environment for everyone who is interested in supporting WEN’s mission of celebrating and sharing the message of diversity and inclusivity. They are designed to create an opportunity to build connections between women and allies interested in, currently studying and working as engineers.

2021 WEN Presents Dates

Diversity – May 12

Robotics – July 21

Startups – August 18

Alumni – Sept 22

Space – October 13

All about WEN Presents

What is the typical format for WEN Presents?
  • Topic Introduction – 5 minutes
  • 2-3 Interviews with Industry – 30 minutes total
  • Panel discussion Q&A – 20 minutes
  • Prizes and competition announcement – 5 minutes
What topics may be covered by WEN Presents?

The topics for the WEN Presents series are all around the common theme of how engineers are building a better world with the underlying theme of how diversity within engineering is able to further enable engineers to achieve great outcomes. We are very open to any ideas so if you have an idea for an event you’d like to see, let us know!

When is the next WEN Presents Event?

May 12th 2021 – WEN Presents: Diversity

How can I be involved in WEN Presents?

If you have an interesting story to share please get in touch wen@auckland.ac.nz and we’ll see if we can incorporate it into a WEN Presents event. 

Who can attend WEN Presents Events?

Anyone! These topics are diverse and will be of interest to a wide audience, we don’t get too technical here, it’s more about sharing inspiring and motivating stories.

Why should I attend a WEN Presents event?

To build connections between others who share similar interests: building a better world and promoting diversity. 

Also you can win spot prizes and enter a competition to win a prize worth $300!

WEN Presents- Engineering an End to Pandemic

WEN Presents: Diversity Allies

Contact us if you have an inspiring story to share

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